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Day 5 (Tuesday) [Submitting to iTunes for review, Android bootstrap]

  • The build was uploaded, but never appeared (I waited overnight) on the iTunes connect, so I can't submit it for review. After Googling around, I found that I had to include privacy strings for the features I may not even use in the app. There was no email from Apple (yes, I checked the spam), there was no warning message in the IDE during validation and upload process. I'm wondering, if Apple wants every app submitted to the store to be so perfect, why can't they fix their own apps that every developer depends on? This is all very disappointing and very disrespectful of Apple.

  • While figuring out why my build does not show up on the store, I tried to send request to iTunes support -- never got any reply from them.

  • Finally, the build appears on the store. Can't submit it because iPad screenshots are missing. I do not care about the iPads for now, I just need to get this app out. Removing the iPad from supported devices and re-submitting again.

  • Finally, able to put my hands on Android (while waiting for Apple review). The world has moved on since I touched it last (about a year ago). Android offers support to write declarative layouts using data binding. In theory this minimizes the necessary code in your application logic to connect to the user interface elements. Spending time learning about it now.

  • Definitely very interesting feature. Unfortunately can't get it to work no matter what I try. Will have to go with the more traditional approach -- anyways, it was fun trying to learn something new.

  • In the meanwhile, iTunes rejected my app. And the reason is -- the app is crashing for them on start. Dah, Apple. What can I say. I will simply try to rebuild and re-submit again, I really have no idea, the app is so simple, it has minimal amount of 3rd party dependencies -- it either works or does not.



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