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"Echowaves" is a different kind of a company.

Updated: May 11, 2018

There is huge buzz going around in the industry about the Facebook wrong doing these days.

Some suggest to kill Facebook completely:

Others demand the government to fix it in the right way:

There are even proposals to abandon FB completely to improve the quality of life and reduce stress:

The reality consists of few following facts:

  • we, humans, are designed to be social

  • there is this thing called Internet, which is here to stay

Unfortunate, reality is that so far, the Social Platforms have been using the Internet only with one goal in mind -- to get rich quick.

"Echowaves" may have a bit unexpected (some may say extreme) solution to the "Social on the Internet" dilemma.

In short:

Facebook --> better to ask for forgiveness than a permission.

Echowaves --> better be safe than sorry.

Read our "Privacy Manifesto" -- it's less than 30 seconds read (unlike any other privacy statements you have ever came across, which nobody ever reads).

Now, that you read the "Privacy Manifesto", we would really want to know, what you think. Does it make sense to you? Are there any things you disagree with? Anything you would like to improve or even change? We really need your help, so, Contact us and let us know how can we be better.


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