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Getting to Know You

The Get to Know You Questions are a great way to increase sharing among team members by recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the similarities and differences among you.

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What are the benefits

Diversity is about all of us: we all have similarities and differences with our colleagues. However, we may be unaware of these dimensions because we don't know when or how to ask about them. The Get to Know You Questions provide a structured activity for increasing sharing so team members can explore their similarities and differences. This tool is one of many ways to foster an inclusive environment and create a greater sense of belonging within your team by inviting everyone to be open and put people first.

Context to share

"The Get to Know You Questions are a fun way to increase sharing and Try On each other's experience so we can gain a better understanding of one another. Diversity is about all of us and we want to understand and appreciate all the similarities and differences between us."

Ideas for use

  • Open a meeting with a single question for everyone to answer, or a choice of 2-3 questions to answer.

  • Have someone on the team answer the current question, then have that person pick who will be answering the next question.

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