Privacy manifesto

"Echowaves" is a different kind of a company. As such, this manifesto is also very different from any "privacy statements" you may have seen before.

There are 3 guiding principles we build the company upon.

Our privacy practices directly derive from these principles (see below):

Extreme simplicity 

The more complex the app gets, the easier it becomes for the business to manipulate the users behavior and the data they provide. We believe that "Less is More".

Absolute privacy

It's achieved by never asking a user for any personal information.  There is no data -- there is nothing to leak. All data we collect is short lived -- everything disappears from the system after short while -- again, this makes it difficult to leak the data which we do not have.

Complete transparency  (product)

To make a software product useful and interesting for the users, it does need to have access to some data. All data we collect is public. Everyone can see and do everything  with it -- there are no special roles and permissions. We do not moderate any of the content the users upload -- we believe in the power of the community to do the right thing. If anyone finds some content to be offensive, they can simply delete it, which will also improve the quality of the data for everyone else. 

Complete transparency  (company)

How do you know, we are not lying to you? Simple -- every line of code we write is published to the OpenSource repository in GitHub. Check it out: