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You are a small restaurant owner.
You want your customers to return.

No more promotion punch cards -- there is a better way.

wisaw iTunes store
wisaw google play store

Step 1: download and install the app 


Step 2: add your place to the application

While creating your place, make sure you are located at your restaurant –– we will store your current GEO location, so that your restaurant always shows first in the list for your customers.

Step 3: you will have to confirm your phone number first, just follow the instructions

Step 4: enter your place Name and Address

Step 5: edit your place, enable/disable promotions/public chat, enable/edit different cards which describe your place, add pictures to cards to make your place stand out

Step 6: click on Promotions button, add promotion

Step 7: on the edit place screen, scroll down to the bottom and click Manage Staff button

staff can only validate promotion cards

owner can edit/delete place , as well as edit other staff members

Step 8: print out customer step by step instructions from this page

hand out the instructions to your customers,

train your staff members how to validate promotions.

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