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You are a small restaurant owner.

Your mission is to provide the best service to your customers, who come to your place every day -- they deserve it.

You are looking for new innovative ways to connect with your customers in real-time.

Download PlaceChatter from the app store (available on iPhone and Android), and see how it works.

wisaw iTunes store
wisaw google play store

your restaurant at the top of the list

When you, open PlaceChatter on your phone -- your restaurant will be listed at the very top, assuming you are there at  the moment.

navigating   the app

things your can do

  • to be able to interact with the application, you will have to confirm your phone number

  • you can add your place to the platform

  • you can leave feedback, ask questions, post suggestions


confirming phone is easy

yet safe and reliable

Submit your 10 digit phone number. 

We will send you an activation code via SMS.


SMS activation code

Nickname is  added to your chat messages

Once you enter the activation code, the platform will be able to uniquely and safely identify you going forward. 

In order for other users to distinguish your chat messages, enter your Nickname.

create your place

describe it the way you like

When you create your place, make sure you are there --  PlaceChatter will use your current location to determine the address.

Add as many cards with a title and a description as necessary. You can also upload your photos which help to better describe your place. 


manage owners

You can add other people to help you to manage your place.

If you really want to, you can  delete your place from PlaceChatter platform.


each place has a chat

your customers can ask any questions in real-time

You customers can ask any questions.

The chat is visible to everyone who is visiting your place right now.

If some of your customers know the answer -- they can participate and reply.

zero tolerance towards abuse

delete or report messages

PlaceChatter does not tolerate rude or abusive behavior. 

Tap the message to delete it or report abuse.

Abusers will be banned from PlaceChatter.

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