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Day 4 (Monday) [iOS]

  • Generating and storing UUID on iPhone, so it can be sent as a mandatory parameter when submitting a photo.

  • Capturing GPS location for the same reason, will add the location parameter to submitting a photo.

  • Parsing JSON in every language is very different. JS, Swift, and Java -- you will have to learn every one of these. It's not difficult, really, but... if you have to work on all different parts yourself, you just have to bend your mind when switching between languages. The easiest one to parse JSON in is JavaScript (what else would you expect, it's a data structure native to JS). The language I had to struggle with most is Swift (could be because I have more experience with Java in general).

Side Note: Most clients expect the API to return a JSON payload these days. If your API is not written in JS, your middleware will be spending most of its' resources on data translation between JSON and some native Java, Ruby, Python, or C# data structure. All this extra code needs to be implemented, tested, and maintained. This becomes completely unnecessary, if you are using server side JavaScript.

  • So, it's finally beginning to take shape. Here is how Screen #1 looks like:

WiSaw very first IOS screen
WiSaw very first IOS screen

  • I'm actually beginning to like it. It's very simple. And it works! Let's see if I can make few simple tweaks and hopefully submit to iTunes by the end of day.

  • Added pull to refresh.

  • Added the detailed photo view (Screen #2):

WiSaw detailed image IOS screen
WiSaw detailed image IOS screen

  • The delete functionality works via API call:

WiSaw delete confirmation box
WiSaw delete confirmation box

  • The portrait and landscape modes work out of the box:

WiSaw landscape mode
WiSaw landscape mode

  • So, I definitely could not have been happier about all this. Only 2 screens, just like I envisioned, yet, seems to be self-complete, and, if many people start to use it -- will be fun.

  • The next challenge, packaging it up and submitting to iTunes. I recently renewed my Apple developer license for $100, which is ridiculous, but, it's another one of those Apple rules we just have to abide to. And I'm most 100% sure they will reject my little nice app on the first try, just because they always do. Most likely they will complain about inability to report the user content and the users. I hope that deleting the photos from the feed will do the trick. Not even sure it made sense to implement the deletion, since the images will be gone in 24 hours anyways, but, again, let's try to please Apple, or else, the app will never see the light of day.

  • Spent 4 hours this evening preparing the app for submission to the iTunes App Store. For a company like Apple, the submission process is a shame. It's very buggy. Very confusing. Very inefficient. The UX is totally not there.

  • Finally was able to upload a build. Waiting for 2 hours, the build never shows up in the store. At this point I have no idea if this is a problem with my app or the App Store is broken. Will have to continue tomorrow, perhaps it will settle in over night.



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