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Day 6 (Wednesday) [Appealing iTunes, Android continued]

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

  • Got rejected by Apple again for a different reason. This time the binary worked, which really makes me question the whole iTunes review process -- it was essentially exactly the same code, I have not changed anything. I just re-archieved and re-submitted the code as is, and it worked. I can go on for ever about every Apple's rejection I had to battle, but it would be long and tedious, and boring. It probably deserves a separate article. Here is the submission log (if anyone is curious):

Approving WiSaw on iTunes
Approving WiSaw on iTunes

  • As the result of this whole Apple battle, I had to add few features, which are really beginning to ruin my initial vision for simplicity. I will have to put more creative thinking into this and solve it later. For now, here are the things I had to implement to make it pass the Apple requirements:

  • Added simple T&C popup, which only shows the first time you open the app. For Apple it was important that it would have explicit statement that "We will not tolerate objectionable content or abusive users".

WiSaw T&C screen
WiSaw T&C screen

  • I had to add "Report Abuse" button, which was supposed to be different from the "Delete".

  • I had to add "Contact Us" screen, which allows users to submit any text to the backend which will be reviewed by a developer (me in this case).

  • I do believe, all these things are totally unnecessary. Because my application is not a traditional social network, where you can connect to people, and choose and pick whose content you want to see and whose you don't. The content is short-lived anyways, so it's all not going to matter. If someone mis-behaves, I do believe in the power of community to self regulate. In my visions, it would be enough to allow users to delete any objectionable content from the system -- the abusive user would loose interest in this app very quickly, and the "Report Abuse" button is totally redundant, but, again, just to please Apple, we will keep it.


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