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Fast hardware breeds slow software.

Just like highways breed cars -- fast hardware breeds slow software.

I recently got a new mac book pro and wondering how long it will last before I need to upgrade it again?

It's been 5 years since I got my last machine. At that time I was going for 16 Gb RAM, and 2 Tb SSD -- I thought I was going to run full Ethereum node. 5 years prior to that I had 4Gb system and it seemed like a lot back then.

This time I went up to 64Gb RAM and stayed with 2Tb SSD. My current drive is only half full, so it will probably still last for a while -- I'm certainly not going to run full Ethereum node, it's just not practical these days.

Although some Apple fans stated, that with M1 architecture you will never need more than 16Gb RAM, because, even if it swaps -- it will be so lightning fast, you will not know the difference. Well, I object -- swapping, no matter how seamless it might be, will reduce the life span of your SSD. Yes, SSD has limited number of write cycles. So, I choose more RAM, but want my system to last little longer.

Generally speaking, I'm very satisfied with my current configuration.

I run VS Code, react-native dev environment, few iOS and Android simulators, couple of dozens of Chrome tabs, few Safari tabs, plus email client etc... In about a week of uptime my system gets close to start swapping, but, if I close and re-open the apps -- everything gets back to normal again.

Just wondering, will I need 256Gb in the next 5 years?


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