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Recent Wisaw updates

Updated: May 24, 2021

Over the past few weeks, some really cool updates were released for Wisaw. Keep reading for more details.

Thumbnail quality

Now you can actually read text on thumbnails (most of the times).

Image recognition

Now every photo is processed through Amazon Rekognition service, and then is tagged with 3 different categories of information. In first category AI is trying to guess what is captured on the photo. The certainty of the guess is decreasing top to bottom, so the less certain guesses are shown in the smaller font, to reflect decreasing relevance. Second category is plain vanilla text recognition -- it will try to parse any textual information on the photo and store it as text. It's not to be confused with OCR capabilities -- there is a different AWS service for processing pages of text. This service will recognize up to 50 words it can find on the photo, which should be good enough to set some context about the image. The third group -- moderation information. The AI will try to guess if the photo may potentially show anything inappropriate. It's still not perfect, but undoubtedly it will improve over time.

Watching posts

Now you can subscribe to watch photos.

When watched photo is commented on -- it will be easier for you to spot this and respond as needed.

You automatically start watching a photo posted by you.

You automatically start watching a photo when you comment on it.

You can always unwatch any photo.

The watched photo will not have the "Ban" and the "Delete" buttons available. If you want to delete a watched photo -- unwatch it first.

To see all photos watched by you, select the "Watched" section in the Photos list

Search photos

You can now search photos based on text in comments and in the content generated by AI Image recognition:

Type in the text box what you are searching for:

Offline photo capturing

Not having access to the internet should not prevent you from taking photos.

Snap photos any time (whether you have access to the internet or not), they will always upload when ever the internet becomes available.

On top of all that, there were numerous performance and UX improvements released -- Wisaw is now better, faster, more fun than ever.


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