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No registration, no sign in -- just open the app, start taking photos, and see what's posted by other people nearby today.
This is the most minimalistic social sharing possible, yet, it's probably the most relevant one as well. It's relevant in time and space. You only see what may potentially matter to you. You do not choose what you see. As such, you do not have to spend time and effort making connections, describing your profile etc. You just start using it. 
The feed will always stay relevant for your location and time. If you see something you do not like -- just delete it, which will have an effect of drastically increasing the quality of the content for everyone, reducing the noise.
This works best for events, large and small. Wedding or celebration party, at a beach or a park, student at a campus, or a conference attendee, or a group of fans at a football game -- these all will benefit from WiSaw and will definitely make it a lot more fun.

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The project is built in React Native and published with Expo at

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Who we are  

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Echowaves is a non-profit corporation

Our main objective is to provide new cool ways to collaborate online, through research and innovation in modern technology and user experience.

The most recent work is a new social collaboration platform called WiSaw, which stands for

What I Saw today.

The main goal is to create an alternative to FaceBook, Twitter, SnapChat, and such.

By no means, FB, Twitter, and SnapChat are the de-facto standards of social collaboration. However, these standard are rapidly getting out of date, mostly due to privacy concerns, improper handling of personal data, and  complexity.

Main innovation principles WiSaw is built upon:

extreme simplicity 

The app has only 2 screens, but that's all you really need.

absolute privacy

It's achieved by never asking a user for any personal information (not even login is required). This is the way the application is designed from the very beginning. And we will do everything we can to keep it this way.

complete transparency 

Everyone can see and do everything. As soon as your photo is uploaded through the app, it becomes visible to anyone who is nearby. But, anybody viewing a photo has the power to delete it, in case it's found to be inappropriate (or for any other reason). Even if you delete a photo by a mistake, no worries -- the photos are short-lived anyways and will automagically disappear after short while.



that's right, only two  

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Press Review

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Isaac Picado

“Really up front, what you see is what you get, and im getting something unique and bold.”

February 24, 2018
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